protest photos part 2

There are over 500 photos of the protest yesterday. Got some great Pictures, when you see Antonio Brown etc at these events, they were sent by Sarah.

st maarten

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3 comments on “protest photos part 2
  1. Francisco Lacroes says:

    “Thousands and thousands of our people want a new election” but yet a great part are afraid to be seen or heard voicing there opinion. I asked my self why is this? And please correct me if this is not the reason. #1. You don’t know who will end up in power and then you have hell to get a job or help with any thing you might need. #2. It doesn’t really matter who win in the end you still end up with the same SHIT! See how many people read your blogs and look at your pics but yet few have the balls to comment. I am so tired of seeing our country go down the drain it hurts my soul. It is no longer who you are or what you stand for it’s who you know and who’s ass you can lick!

    Ps. If you do comment have the balls to put your name!

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